Ozzy Osbourne Can't Take Another Question About Bats


Ozzy Osbourne will always be associated with bats after the incident in which he bit off an animal’s head during a concert in the 1980 decade. But after so long, the Prince of Darkness can no longer bear to answer a specific question about what happened.

The singer is fully aware that the bizarreness of episode doomed him to be forever remembered as “the guy who bit off a bat’s head,” and Ozzy doesn’t try to distance himself from his own story. Proof of this is that the artist appropriates the image of animals in merchandising items, having released items such as an adorable plush bat with a detachable head and NFTs of virtual bats.

Despite that, everything has a limit and Ozzy Osbourne can no longer bear to be interrogated with one question in particular: What do bats taste like? The revelation was made in a recent interview with Billboard, in which the musician released a “fk that gave birth” to demonstrate how much you hate the question.